World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 10

Case Report Open Access

Congenital Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the Vulva: A rarity

Nidhi Mahajan, Mitali Agarwal and Chabbi Ranu Gupta
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2018, 7:4



Aggressive angiomyxoma (AA) is an uncommon locally invasive mesenchymal tumor in females of reproductive age group. Rarely, seen in young children and clinically misdiagnosed because of nonspecific radiological features, low cellularity on FNAC and superficial location, less amenable to trucut biopsy.


We report a 7 year old girl who presented with a swelling in the left labia majora, since birth. It was excised and was diagnosed as an aggressive angiomyxoma on histopathology.


AA is an important differential in cases of slow growing vulvar masses in children. Histopathology and immunohistochemistry can differentiate its morphological mimics. Long term surveillance is needed in view of high recurrence rates.

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