World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports Volume No 9

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Takayasu’s Arteritis Presenting as Hypertensive Encephalopathy

Anup Singh Sandesh, Raykar and Manish Gupta
World Journal of Medical and Surgical Case Reports 2018, 7:1



Takayasu’s arteritis (TA), a form of vasculitis of unknown etiology affects the aorta and its main branches and present with varied clinical presentation. Hypertensive encephalopathy as an initial clinical presentation of Takayasu’s arteritis is a rare manifestation.

Case report

We present a case of 20 year female patient presenting with fever and altered sensorium, with asymmetrical upper limb blood pressure. She was suspected of having arterial occlusive disease and on investigation was found to have narrowing of aorta and its branches suggestive of type V Takayasu’s arteritis. We present this case on account of rare presentation of takayasu’s arteritis as hypertensive encephalopathy.


Takayasu’s arteritis can present with varies features. A high clinical suspicion, prompt diagnosis and treatment along with managing complication associated with it can help in decreasing the mortality and morbidity associated with this vasculitis.

Key words

arteritis; vasculitis; vascular disease; autoimmune; hypertension; encephalopathy

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