World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 9

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Persistent correctable urinary dribbling in a female child: A cases series

PANIGRAHI PRANAYA, Kumar Rakesh, Ansari Quamaruzzama and Pandey Vaibhav
World Journal of Surgical Research 2020, 9:3



Persistent urinary dribbling in a female child is not uncommon in clinical practice. Many female babies either not adequately toilet trained or having congenital pathology present to pediatric urologist late. Reason being parents delaying to report it considering continence attaining age of their child late or a part of social stigma.


This case series reports three females of pediatric age group with correctable condition presenting as dribbling owed to ectopic ureter in different locations. All cases were managed surgically after diagnosis and assessment of renal function. Cystoscopy with genitoscopy whenever needed was done to ascertain the anomaly. Open or Laparoscopic intravesical reimplantation with or without ligation of ectopic ureter was performed in all cases. They were advised for follow-up and renal function status was monitored.


All cases were managed by open or minimal invasive approach following diagnostic cystoscopy. All cases were doing well in post operative period and follow-up. They are in follow-up with us with well preserved renal function on renal scan.


Persistent dribbling is to be addressed with all available options and should be managed in pediatric urology centers in order to ascertain renal status and surgical corrections if any.


UTI, re-implantation, ectopic ureter, Ureteric duplication, VUR, Laparoscopy

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