World Journal of Medical Research Volume No 7

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Mesogenic Complexes of Some Transition Metal Ions of the Mesogenic Schiff-Base, N,N’-di-(4’-heptyloxybenzoatesalicylidene)-l’’, 8’’-diamino-3’’, 6’’-dioxaoctane: Synthesis and Spectral Studies

Sanyucta Kumari
World Journal of Medical Research 2014, 3:2


A mesogenic Schiff-base, N,N’-di-(4’-heptyloxybenzoatesalicylidene)-l’’, 8’’-diamino- 3’’,6’’-dioxaoctane; H2dobsdd (H2L1), that nematogenic mesophase was synthesized and its structure studied by elemental analysis and FAB mass, NMR& IR spectra. The Schiff-base, H2L1, upon condensation with hydrated lanthanide(III) nitrates, yields LnIII complexes of the general composition [Tm2(L1H2)3(NO3)4](NO3)2, whereTm =Sc,Ti,Vd,Cr. The IR and NMR spectral data imply a bi-dentate of the Schiff-14 base through two phenolate oxygens in its zwitterionic form (as L1H2) to the LnIII ions, rendering the overall geometry of the complexes to seven-coordinated polyhedron - possibly distorted mono-capped octahedron. Among the metal complexes, only that of Ti and Vd are found to be mesogenic.


Schiff-base, Mesogenic, Zwiterionic Coordination, Mono-capped octahedron, NMR 20 & IR spectra.

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