World Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Medicine Volume No 8

Case Report Open Access

A pediatric case of burn associated with Kawasaki Disease

Ueda Takahiro, Ota Ikuo and Kitazawa Yasuhide
World Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Medicine 2018, 5:3



Kawasaki disease is known as mucocutaneous lymph-node syndrome. This paper present and discuss a rare case of burn associated with Kawasaki Disease.

Case presentation

The case was an 8 months-old female who was injured by scald burn on her jaw, chest, and right thigh. On day 5 of injury, she had high fever without any symptoms of wound sepsis. At the same time, she had systemic rash with conjunctival inflammation, red tongue, swollen lips and erythema of the peripheral extremities. We diagnosed that the fever was caused by KD. Intravenous immune globulin and aspirin were administered, which lead to her clinical condition to improve and she was discharged on day 21 of injury.


While some agents have been suspected, the cause of KD is still unknown. It is not so easy to diagnose KD on pediatric burn patients. It is necessary to rule out infection-related disease before applying the diagnostic criteria for KD. One should bear in mind the possibility of KD if we find pediatric burns with fever and systemic rash regardless of wound infection.


wound sepsis, pediatric burn, systemic rash, intravenous immunoglobulin

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