World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

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Cranioplasty : Routine Surgical Procedure or Risky Operation?

Nicola Acciarri, Francesca Nicolini and Matteo Martinoni
World Journal of Surgical Research 2016, 5:5


Cranioplasty is a surgical procedure performed to restore a defect on the cranial vault after a previous decompressive craniectomy made for traumatic brain injury, ischemic or hemorrhagic disease, or even after the removal of cranial tumors. Although apparently it may resemble an easy and routine surgical procedure, cranioplasty has a rate of complications up to 41% of cases. The most frequently reported complications are infections, autologous bone flap resorption, and hematomas. Other possible complications are wound dehiscence, seizures, hygroma, and poor cosmetic results. In this paper we report an overview of the possible complications deriving from cranioplasty. The most evident causes of complications are discussed, suggesting, when possible, solutions to avoid or limit them.

Key Words

Cranioplasty Complications, Infection, Bone Resorption, Haemorrhage, Seizures, Cosmetic Result

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