World Journal of Surgical Research Volume No 7

Open Access

Gossypiboma Presenting as Persistent Post Operative Sinus

Satyendra Kumar Tiwary, Manabendra Baidya, Puneet Kumar and Ajay K Khanna
World Journal of Surgical Research 2016, 5:3


Retained foreign bodies can lead to various complications as sepsis, intra abdominal abscess, fistula or sinus formations, intestinal obstruction, chronic abdominal pain etc. Detection of these cases became possible with advancement in the imaging techniques available. Mostly presentation is in the form of intraperitoneal effects and persistent postoperative sinus is an extremely rare manifestation of Gossypiboma. We suspected foreign body inside abdominal wall leading to persistent sinus. Sinogram and sonogram suggestive of foreign body which was confirmed on exploration.

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