World Journal of Psycho-Social Oncology Volume No 6

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A Stage Wise Comparison of Psychological Distress and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer: A Cross-Sectional Study

Das Sagarika and Roy Prasanta
World Journal of Psycho-Social Oncology 2019, 5:1



In India, breast cancer has been found to be the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, accounting for almost 25% to 31% of all cancers. The impact of a cancer diagnosis may lead to several emotional consequences leading to changes in the functional, social and psychological aspects of the patient’s life. The aim of the current study was to compare Psychological distress (depression, anxiety and trauma) and Quality of life in the initial, middle and advanced stages of breast cancer. Study design: A cross-sectional observational comparative study.

Materials and methods

Purposive sampling was used to study 30 women (28 to 59 years old) with breast cancer in the initial, middle and advanced stages (10 in each stage). The Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation and WHOQOL-BREF was used. Results: Fifty three percent of the women were found to have symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma; however the three stages did not differ with respect to the studied variables. Psychological distress was found to be associated with reduced quality of life.


Results show that psychological interventions are needed to aid the overall cancer experience irrespective of the stage at diagnosis in order to improve patient’s quality of life.


cancer staging, anxiety, depression, trauma

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