World Journal of Psycho-Social Oncology Volume No 6

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Hindi Translation and Cross-Cultural Reliability and Validity of Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Short Form (PSQ-18)

Manisha Shrivastava, Nehal Shah, Astha Dixit and Manoj Pandey
World Journal of Psycho-Social Oncology 2017, 4:1



Patient satisfaction is an important indicator of the overall standard of health care and use of questionnaire in the language comprehended by patients is the method commonly used. This study was done to translate Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Short Form (PSQ-18) from English to Hindi, and determine cross-cultural reliability and validity of the translated version.

Study Design

Cross sectional.

Material and methods

The PSQ-18 English version was translated to Hindi version by adapting the technique of back to back translation. 100 patients attending the outpatient department of the hospital were subjected to the tool, demographic data collected and scoring of responses was done as per the instructions manual. Cronbach’s alpha was calculated to assess internal consistency of the questionnaire.


There was no language or content related problem during translation and the translated version was accepted well by participants with a response rate of 97% . The mean age of the participants was 50.59 years with males and females almost equally represented. The mean total score of the PSQ -18 ranged from 52 to 78. The Cronbach’s alpha for the total PSQ 18 translated in Hindi was 0. 445.


The reliability of current Hindi translated version of PSQ-18 was not satisfactory as the cronbach’s alpha was low. As patient satisfaction assessment is important for quality health care, review of the content of the translated construct or development of new tool suitable in our setting should be considered.

Key Words

Patient-satisfaction, Cronbach’s alpha, reliability, validity, demographics

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