World Journal of Pathology Volume No 10

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Glucan supplementation ameliorates some health problems related to the development of Lyme disease

Vetvicka Vaclav and Vetvickova Jana
World Journal of Pathology 2019, 8:2



Lyme disease is a multiphasic systemic disorder caused by pathogenic infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. Despite intensive research, the adequate treatment of this disease is problematic.

Material and Methods

In our study, we focused on testing the hypothesis that oral supplementation with glucan might ameliorate the Borrelia infection. We measured the ankle swelling, cytokine production, cell infiltration and level of specific antibodies.


Glucan, one of the most studied natural immunomodulators, was found to contribute: 1) reducing bacterial load, 2) suppressing arthritis severity, 3) stimulation of immune reactions, particularly Th2-related cytokines. 


Immunity; arthritis; cytokines; glucan

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