World journal of Minimal Access Surgery Volume No 9

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Laparoscopic Port Site Complications: A Multicentre Prospective Descriptive Study from North India

Satyajeet Verma, Hari kesh Yadav, Vijay Kumar Goel and Sanjay Kala
World journal of Minimal Access Surgery 2018, 6:1



The laparoscopic port site complications are less common. Mainly, they include infections, bleeding, port site hernia and metastasis. Aim of this study is to determine the morbidity associated with port-site and to identify risk factors for complications. It is setting and design- prospective descriptive study.

Material and method

In the present study, a total of 656 patients who underwent laparoscopic surgeries for various ailments between Sept 2013and Sept 2016 at three tertiary institutes, from North India, were observed for port site complications prospectively and the complications were reviewed. Descriptive statistical analysis was carried out. The SPSS 13.0 was used for the analysis of the data.


Of the 656 patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery, 31 (4.72%) had developed complications specifically related to the port site during a minimum follow-up of three months; port site infection was the most frequent (n = 21, 3.2%), followed by port site bleeding (n = 4, 0.6%), omentum-related complications (n = 1; 0.15%), and port site metastasis (n = 2, .30%). One patient had port site tuberculosis. 13(1.98%) patients developed hypertropic scar also.


Laparoscopic port site complications are less. In our multicentre study, most complications are easily manageable except in metastasis and can be further minimized with meticulous surgical techniques.


Laparoscopy, ports ,port-site hernia

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