World Journal of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention Volume No 7

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Is it Time to Explore Ultrasonography as a Viable Option for Breast Screening of Young Indian Women?

Anita Khokhar
World Journal of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention 2014, 3:5



This article focuses on issue of breast cancer among young women from India and what can be done for its screening.


Search was done in Medline, google scholar and google to look for relevant articles.


Cancer cases are increasing in younger women and since their breasts are dense mammography which is a standard screening test is not of much relevance in this age group. Role of ultrasonography in screening dense breasts has been studied in a few settings and found to be promising.


In a low resource country like India if efficacy of ultrasound for screening of young women can be studied it may be a viable option forscreening themin the future.

Key words

ultrasonography, breast, young women,India, dense breasts

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