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Welcome to Narain Publishers Pvt. Ltd!

The Publishers of peer-reviewed open access journals.

Narain Publishers Pvt. Ltd (NPPL)  are publishers of print and online open access books and online, peer reviewed, open access, journals in area of Science, Medicine, Social science, psychology, Art and humanities. The articles and books published by NPPL will have instant and free online access. Backed by an experienced core group, NPPL envisions providing speedy and quality publications to expand the horizon of knowledge and a platform for sharing the knowledge. NPPL is in the process of developing an electronic manuscript handling system for the journals and eBooks to help the authors and reviewers a platform that will be easy to use and cost effective, that will also eliminate the need to use the costly postal system and will considerably reduce the manuscript handling time. Each journal or book will have its own unique web page designed exclusively for that purpose. The content of the books will be in a fully searchable format by a key word or a phrase.

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